Friday, February 18, 2005

Something Old, Something New

Just 1 more day and i'll be turning.....uh....... 26! hehe.... Well, who cares how old i'll be?! Point is i'm turning a year older -- again! Wasn't it just last year that i had a birthday? Do i have to keep having another one? Can't i just relish the memory of past ones and never have to face a new day marking yet another year to my age? (Eyebrows now raised to impossible heights)

Ok......relax......breathe in........then out........

But seriously, this year, this birthday, feels like it will be a different one for me. Apart from shedding my old skin (literally and figuratively), i have been sensing a lot of changes going on around and in me -- from my friends, to my family and marriage -- I can't quite pinpoint exactly where they are happening but i JUST KNOW that new things are in store for me this year. NEW and GOOD things. I will not reveal right now what i suspect these things are till i actually know for sure that they're there .... but bottomline is i am anticipating this year to be new, different and altogether a year that my dear Father has excitedly planned for me. And i'm glad that He's in control..... because to be honest..... the word NEW can freak me out!

How would i describe new?

Well, NEW can simply mean a welcome addition to the old that i already have. Like this online diary. Or clothes that i may decide to get myself for my birthday (Allan? you listening?)

Or, NEW can mean allowing change to happen where change may or may not be necessary. It could mean getting the old, fixing it up, and making it new again.

But i think, more than anything else, NEW to me, means leaving my comfort zone and embracing the unknown -- it may actually be good, but i will never know till i've accepted it. It means letting go of CONTROL and letting God be God.

How ever i really see my life, anything new should always be anticipated as a good thing, right? And with a new heart (to trust more) and a new pair of eyes (to see things in a different perspective), i open my arms wide and welcome all the great things that await me.

Guess turning old (er) ain't that bad....

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