Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Before I do my intro for my new tenant, I'd like to thank all my wonderful party guests for dropping by last Sunday to celebrate with me and make my birthday extra special! -- Friday's Child, Viamarie, Chic, Carol, Bozette, Lucinda, Lisa, Carmi, EPH2810, Ribbiticus, MommaK, Robin, Jane, Running2ks, Meow, TNChick, Trinity13, Wendywings and JustSue! It was great seeing all these bloggers in their best celebrity garbs! Looking forward to next year's celebration! :-D

Ok, now on to more important present day matters -- i'm once again welcoming a new tenant in my stables. Her name is Suzanne aka. Keadamna and her blog is called My Corner of the Web! Give her a warm welcome, folks! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!

Suzanne is a 35 year old bassoon player, is single and is not ready to settle though wishes to be married someday (smart move, girl! hehe). Her blog highlights a very important TO DO List that she has put together for herself which comprises of 101 Things she'd like to accomplish in 1001 days. This list differs still from another which she calls her Challenge Myself list. Looking at all the items on her list --PHEW! -- gives you the impression that Suzanne is one really driven and determined lady. You have to give credit to people who have set goals in their lives and are looking positively ahead to meeting these goals.

So folks, you all know the drill! Just trot on over to my right side bar and click on Suzanne's blog thumbnail. And don't forget -- tell her that Chrixean whispered her name to you! :-)



Was glad you had a fun time. I had too. Thanks for inviting.

Meow said...

It was a great party. Thanks for having me. I think I was a gate crasher, but Fridays Child & Viamarie both mentioned that they were there, so I thought I'd join them !! Take care, Meow